Personal Prophecy – Understanding Its Application


A prophet will take numerous years to be prepared by God to carry out his responsibility, and while he will be skilled in the blessings utilized in personal prophecy, that won’t be his solitary blessing.

There is something interesting about certified prophecy due to its powerful understanding. I characterize certifiable prophecy as “prophecy actuated by the Holy Spirit”, in this manner the heavenly component. There is likewise fake prophecy that a few people initiate through dim spirits of divination. Today the two sources have delegates talking into the open gathering. This article will address the substance of certified Holy Spirit actuated prophecy and what number of individuals commit a basic error in its application.


  • Give me initial a chance to build up a significant and key reality about mankind. Each person in this life has been given a special capacity to settle on decisions.
  • This intensity of decision can be impacted from numerous points of view by personal foundation, current conditions and the desires an individual has for what’s to come. Intensity of decision is additionally affected by one’s worth framework.
  • There are numerous excellent instances of individuals who have transcended extremely negative conditions in life as a result of that people intensity of decision. How at that point does veritable personal prophecy fit into this extraordinary limit of decision?


Authentic personal prophecy is constantly temporary and restrictive. At the point when a prophet or prophetess gives a word of personal prophecy, the beneficiary must comprehend that the individual in question can request personal Prophecy see the satisfaction of that prophetic word by tolerating it and afterward accounting for its satisfaction. The beneficiary could likewise deny its satisfaction by ignoring it or rejecting it. At the end of the day the Holy Spirit doesn’t overrule the natural intensity of decision of that individual in any event, when He is talking through personal prophecy. The misstep frequently made by youthful or thoughtless beneficiaries is to take a personal word of prophecy and assume that they have no contribution or cooperation with its satisfaction. They don’t situate themselves in the spot of holding onto a guarantee, perceiving the chance and venturing through the entryway when it opens for them. Some take the demeanor of ” in the event that God talked this, at that point who am I to attempt to make it happen….. Give God a chance to expedite it to me a silver platter.” The final product is that they miss the arrangement of the Holy Spirit. Prophecy brings guarantee and arrangement yet every blessing needs an open reaction combined with dynamic support in its satisfaction. The Holy Spirit has been sent to stroll close by of us. His endowment of prophecy is intended to energize, prepare and comfort us amidst life’s adventure. Personal prophecy can likewise be mandate. It will do the majority of this just on the off chance that we are prepared to do our part.


Seeds of guarantee planted into a very much tended nursery will deliver magnificent outcomes. Disregard of that equivalent nursery will just create a weed stifled chaos of unfulfilled frustration. My recommendation is to get words of personal prophecy and afterward eagerly position yourself to step through its entryways of chances. One last word of guidance. Use tact also by utilizing reliable prophetic sources.

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