A Visit to Saragossa


Saragossa is the capital of Saragossa area in Aragon, Spain. It is one of the numerous urban communities on the banks of the Ebro waterway that goes through Spain. It is situated at an inexact separation of 300 kilometers from significant urban areas, for example, Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao in the Basque nation and Toulouse in France. Arriving is simple from any of these significant urban areas via train, plane or transport Read More décoratrice d’intérieur Toulouse


You will like the climate in Saragossa in light of its mellowness, with the exception of in summer when the temperature can arrive at 40 degrees Celsius and in winter when it floats from 0 to 10 degrees Celsius. In winter there is likewise haze and ice and winds like the Mistral in France.

Numerous Options

Saragossa has a lot to offer the visitor; numerous notable landmarks, celebrations, sports, cafés and skiing in the close by Pyrenees mountains which have the best ski resorts in Spain.

The Festival of El Pilar

One of the most popular celebrations is the “Holidays del Pilar”, a multi day celebration of music, walking groups, coasts, bull-battles and the blossom offering on October 12. It is all in festivity of Our Lady of the Pillar and furthermore agrees with Columbus Day, when Christopher Columbus found the New World. At this celebration the best of Spanish culture is in proof. In Aragón and particularly in Saragossa, youthful artists play out their best moves, for example, the acclaimed “jota aragonesa” in praise to the Patroness of the celebration. It is likewise a festival when the customary dress is wherever in proof, contributions of blossoms are put in and around the Basilica and astonishing showcases of shading and light are all over the place.

The Basilica

Worked to pay tribute to Our Lady of the Pillar, the Basilica of a similar name is one spot that everybody should visit. The brilliance of the inside, with its resplendent enrichments made by many gifted skilled workers all through the ages since it was worked in 1681, is one of the fortunes of mankind. It was worked around the congregation that was developed in the main century, cautiously joining the column that gave its name to the congregation. The arch was finished with scriptural scenes by Goya, while renowned stone workers made their gems out of appreciation for the Virgin Mary.

The Cathedral of La Seo

One more of the well known landmarks is the Cathedral of La Seo. Completed in 1520, it was built on the site once involved by a Moorish mosque. It is a superb landmark loaded up with segments, friezes, kaleidoscopic dividers, bas-reliefs and works by popular Spanish painters.

Historical centers

In Saragossa you can likewise visit the numerous historical centers that outline the course of Spanish history and culture. The Museum of Fine Arts has works by El Greco, Diego de Ribera and Goya just as artistic creations by popular Aragonese painters. In the Camon Aznar Museum you can likewise observe a portion of crafted by Rubens, Van Dyck Velázquez and Goya alongside a portion of the compositions by Impressionists, for example, Renoir and Manet.

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